Community Policy

RouteShare aims to be a community where users from all walks of life can casually communicate about routes, places, regions, and cities based on the philosophy of "making geographic information more open". We have established the following community policy so that users can use this service easily, safely, and enjoyably.

Keep in mind before making a post

We developed RouteShare with the goal of making our community safer, more enjoyable, and richer by allowing travelers, riders, cyclists, drivers, and people who love the city they live in to share the attractions of the region and its roads. We want to be a place where your valuable experiences and knowledge can be shared and rich connections can be made. Whether major or minor, your own experiences and information dissemination can be very helpful to others. Please be responsible, imaginative, and humorous in your publication and contribution.

The Internet is an extension of the real world

You may not slander or speak ill of records published or posted by other members. Also, do not post anything that offends others.RouteShare allows you to act under a pseudonym, but this anonymity does not exempt you from what you say. As in the real world, please act with respect for others. Some people may transmit incorrect information, and it is necessary to point this out. In such cases, please do not do so reflexively, but rather take a deep breath, check the basis of the information and whether it is really wrong, and then point it out.

Be careful with personal information

RouteShare handles location information, which can directly affect your privacy. Please make sure that your submission does not contain your or anyone else's address or location. In particular, when importing Google Map Timeline or GPX, your route may start from your home. Before posting, please take a look at the map to make sure that your personal information and location are not included.

If you would like to post photos of people you meet or see on your trip, please ask permission from the people in the photos. Please refrain from posting personal information such as names and contact information.

Get confirmation before posting copyrighted information.

Photos and texts of a creative nature are copyrighted. If you wish to publish or post your work, ask permission from the copyright holder in advance.

In addition, please read the Terms of Use at the bottom of the screen when using RouteShare.

Other minimum required rules

  • Do not post e-mail addresses, addresses, or other information that identifies a specific person without that person's consent. (However, this excludes information that is publicly available.)
  • Do not post adult images or content that includes adult entertainment establishments, etc.
  • Do not use copyrighted materials (text, images, illustrations, etc.) for which you do not have the rights without permission.
  • Do not write harmful programs, scripts, etc.
  • Do not write anything that violates the rights or privacy of others.
  • Do not write defamatory posts about others.
  • Do not write anything that violates laws and ordinances, public order, or public morals.
  • Do not write for profit, or write to invite personal sales or transfers.
  • Do not write anything that interferes with RouteShare's service.
  • Do not write posts that do not give a readable impression of what you have actually done, seen, or used.
  • Do not post anything that may be considered an obstruction of business to the facility.
  • No direct writing will be done by the facility owner.

We may have no choice but to delete any information that we deem to be inappropriate for RouteShare's management and operation, even if it does not fall under or resemble any of the above categories. Please understand this in advance.
In some cases, we may also suspend your use of the site for "other activities that we deem inappropriate," as described in Article 7 Prohibited Activities in the Terms of Use.