Privacy Policy

RouteShare complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information, and achieves appropriate handling of personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

1.Acquisition of Personal Information

In order to achieve the purposes described in "2. Purposes of Use of Personal Information" below, the Service may acquire the personal information of users of the Service on the user registration screen and other screens. Such personal information will be obtained in an appropriate manner and not through deception or other wrongful means. In addition to the above, this service may acquire personal information by telephone, e-mail, fax, or other various means as necessary for business purposes.

In principle, the provision of personal information by users is done voluntarily. Failure to provide personal information may result in disadvantages such as not being able to use services or functions that require the provision of personal information, or not being able to receive promotional campaigns or other information from this service.

In addition, the user may change the user's contact information and the user's intention to receive the e-mail newsletter at any time in accordance with the method separately determined by the Service.

In addition to the information described in the Terms of Use corresponding to this service, the information to be obtained includes the following information.

1-1.Information that the Service obtains from users.

  • Name, gender, age, date of birth, telephone number, address, e-mail address, and other information that can identify a specific individual
  • Attribute information regarding hobbies, interests, family structure, etc.
  • Name, e-mail address, ID information, nickname, friend list, and other interaction information, gender, date of birth, image, and other registration information provided from the service operated by the third party or displayed on the service as a result of the linkage between this service and the service operated by the third party that the user uses as a result of the user's authorization.

1-2.Information we obtain in connection with the use of this service

  • User ID, password and nickname.
  • Bank account information, credit card information, electronic money and other payment information.
  • Location information (as used by location-based services, e.g. GPS position)
  • Information on your device, OS, browser, connection, and carrier.
  • Referrers, IP addresses, and other access log information.
  • Advertising identifier
  • Historical information regarding the products and services selected or searched for, the URLs browsed, and the dates and times of the browsing.
  • Information about campaigns used by users.
  • Information related to videos, photos, text, comments, etc. provided or posted by users to the Service.
  • User-generated content information.

1-3.Information that the Service receives from third parties

The Service may obtain personal information about users from third parties. The Service may link this information with the user's personal information held by the Service for the purpose of analyzing the use of the Service, delivering advertisements, and verifying the results of advertisements.

In addition, the Service may acquire user information that is publicly available or may ask a third party to acquire user information to the extent necessary and legally permissible within the scope of "2. Purpose of use of personal information".

2.Purpose of use of personal information

When acquiring personal information, the Service will clearly state in advance the purpose for which the information is to be used, and will not use the information beyond the scope necessary to achieve that purpose without the consent of the individual concerned, except in cases permitted under relevant laws and regulations.

In addition to the purposes of use specified at the time of acquisition of individual personal information and the purposes stated in the respective terms of use corresponding to this service, this service uses users' personal information for the purposes specified below and for purposes related to these purposes.

  • To provide the Service to the User.
  • To contact you in relation to the use of this service, such as to notify you of changes to the service content regarding the use of this service.
  • For billing purposes related to this service.
  • To avoid the input of the same personal information entered by the user in this service within this service.
  • To respond to inquiries from users.
  • To prevent unauthorized use of this service.
  • To send various types of communications, including information that the Service deems beneficial to the user, such as e-mail newsletters, newsletters, etc.
  • To notify companies that provide services to which the user has subscribed of information provided by the user, after clearly indicating in advance that the information will be provided to outside parties.
  • To investigate the use of this service and the environment in which it is used.
  • To improve the Service and the Service's website and applications, to develop new services, and to distribute advertisements.
  • For academic and research activities.
  • To contribute to prompt search and rescue operations by the police, fire department, etc. in the event of an emergency such as distress or disappearance.
  • To resolve problems related to the operation of this service.

3.Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Service will provide personal information to third parties in the following cases

  • When providing personal information to settlement agents or other third parties for the purpose of providing this service, settling payments, responding to inquiries, etc.
  • In the event that the User receives products or services from a third party through the Service, the User provides such products or services to such third party to the extent necessary to receive such products or services.
  • In the event that a court, administrative agency, or other public agency requests the provision of personal information in accordance with laws and regulations, the personal information shall be provided to such court, administrative agency, or other public agency.
  • For the purpose of analyzing the usage of the Service, delivering advertisements, verifying the results of advertisements, and developing new services, etc., personal information provided by the Service may be provided to third parties who perform services related to such analysis, delivery of advertisements, verification of advertising results, and development of new services. The third party may link the personal information provided by the Service with its own personal information under its control.
  • When the information is provided to universities and other academic research institutions, or to national or local government agencies for academic research activities.
  • Other cases where laws and regulations stipulate that the information may be provided to a third party without the consent of the individual.

4.Transfer of personal information to foreign countries

The Service may provide personal information obtained from users to third parties located in foreign countries. As a result, such personal information may be stored in a foreign country. In such cases, this service will take reasonable measures to ensure that the use of personal information complies with applicable laws and regulations, based on its knowledge of the systems for the protection of personal information in the relevant foreign country.

5.Implementation of safety control measures

Specifically, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, this service will implement organizational, personnel, physical, and technical security control measures as necessary to prevent unauthorized access to user information, loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage of user information, and if such an incident should occur, this service will take prompt and appropriate action to prevent secondary damage or recurrence of the incident, and make every effort to correct the situation.

6.Anonymous Processed Information and Pseudonymized Processed Information

6-1. Anonymous processed information

The Service may process personal information into anonymized processed information before using it. When creating and using anonymized processed information, we will comply with relevant laws and regulations, create anonymized processed information based on appropriate procedures such as deleting data items included in personal information or replacing them with random character strings, disclose the items of information included in the created anonymized processed information, and take appropriate security control measures. We will disclose the items of information contained in the anonymized processed information and take appropriate security control measures.

When using anonymized processed information, this service may use it for various purposes, not limited to the purpose of use at the time of acquisition, or may provide it to third parties. When providing anonymized processed information to a third party, the Service will disclose the items of information contained in the anonymized processed information to be provided and the method of provision.

6-2.Kana-processing information

The Service may process personal information into pseudonymized information before using it. In creating and using the pseudonymized information, we will comply with the relevant laws and regulations, create the pseudonymized information based on appropriate procedures such as deleting data items included in the personal information or replacing them with random character strings, and take appropriate security control measures.

When the Service uses Processed Pseudonym Information, it will do so within the scope of the purposes of use publicly announced in this Privacy Policy or by other means. In the event that the purpose of use of the pseudonymization information is changed, the Service will specify the purpose of use after the change as much as possible and make it public.

The Service may jointly use personal data that is pseudonymized information. The purpose of use, items, scope of joint users, and management representative for joint use are as follows.

6-2-1. Purpose of Use of Personal Data that is Pseudonymized Processed Information to be Shared

  • To research and analyze the social impact on the submitted routes and locations.
  • "Purpose of use of personal information" in this Privacy Policy and the purposes of use after the change in the case of a change in the purposes of use of pseudonymized information.

6-2-2. Items of Personal Data that is Pseudonymized Processed Information to be Shared

  • User information (email address, date of user registration)
  • Information about the content of your submission

7. About Cookies

A cookie is a mechanism that is sent from this service and records data in your computer. In order to make this service more convenient to use, cookies may be used to automatically store access status and data entered by the customer in the past on the customer's computer. However, it is not possible to identify individual customers from the information obtained. You can disable cookies by setting your browser or security software. If you do so, you will not be able to use some of the services within the Service properly, which will limit your ability to use the Service. In addition, we use personalized (targeted) advertising services and other services provided by the following companies in order to understand the usage of the websites that provide this service. For this purpose, cookies provided by the following companies are used on some pages. To learn more about the use of cookies, the information they collect, and the opt-out procedures, please visit the websites of these companies.

Google Adsense

8. About access log

This service collects information such as IP address, browser type, and referring URL from access logs. The collected information is used as statistical information for analyzing trends in website usage, but is not reflected in personal information. In addition, this service uses Google Analytics, an access analysis tool provided by Google. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect traffic data. This traffic data is collected anonymously and does not personally identify you. This feature can be disabled by disabling cookies, so please check your browser settings. Please check the following URL for more information on these terms and conditions.

Google Analytics's term of use

Google Policy

9.About registration information

To prevent the loss of information due to computer failure or human error, the Service makes backup copies of such information at regular intervals. The Service keeps your registration information active in the Service's membership database so that you can view customized information based on your own preferences each time you use the Service. If you request that the Service delete your registration information, your registration information will no longer be active. It will then be removed from the Service's member database after a certain period of time. This grace period is intended to prevent you from being involved in fraudulent activities or other detrimental activities. Please note that any information for which the Service makes a backup copy will be retained for a period of time after you request removal of your registration and cease to be active.

10.Complaints and inquiries

When a user requests disclosure of his/her own personal information or records of provision of such information to a third party, the Service will promptly disclose such information. However, if we cannot confirm that the request is made by the user himself/herself, or if the relevant laws and regulations allow us not to disclose the information, we will not respond to the request.

If a user requests correction, addition, deletion, erasure, suspension of use, or suspension of provision to a third party of his/her personal information, we will promptly respond to such request after investigation. However, we will not respond to such requests if we cannot confirm that the request is made by the individual concerned, or if the request does not meet the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations.

Please contact the address listed below under "Contact Information" for complaints, implementation of procedures under related laws and regulations including the above regarding personal information, and various other questions or inquiries. Please note that depending on the nature of the inquiry, we may request confirmation that the inquiring party is the person whose personal information is being held by the Service before responding to the inquiry.


Please contact us using the e-mail address below or by filling out the inquiry form. Please include your name, address, return email address, and the content of your inquiry in the email.

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12.Changes to this Privacy Policy

The Service may review and revise this Privacy Policy from time to time, in whole or in part. Unless otherwise specified by the Service, the revised Privacy Policy will be effective from the time it is posted on the Service's website or application.

  • 2022/11/20 Established