About this service

Q:Is this service free?
A:Yes, RouteShare is free to use. However, you will need to register for an account to post articles, etc.
Q:Can I use it on my mobile phone?
A:Yes. You can view and use the site on your mobile phone. However, we recommend using a PC to create articles.
Q:What can I do with my account?
A:You will be able to create and interact with content on RouteShare, including creating and editing articles, following users, Nice Route (Likes), cloning, etc.
Q:What do I need to register an account?
A:An email address or Google account is required to register an account.
Q:Is there a limit to the number of articles that can be submitted?
A:No, there is no upper limit. You are welcome to submit as many as you like.
Q:Do I need to download the software to my phone or PC in order to use it?
A:No, RouteShare is a web application, so all you need is a browser to use it. No download is required. A native application will be developed in the future.

About features

Q:What is a map editor?
A:The Map Editor is a feature that allows you to add routes (lines), spots (locations), and shapes (figures) on a Google Map-based map.
Q:What is the article creation function?
A:In addition to inputting information on the map, you can write as you would in a blog or diary, using text, images, multiple images, tables, lists, etc. You can write descriptions that cannot be expressed on a map.
Q:Can I upload images? What happens to uploaded images?
A:You can manage your uploaded images and delete them later.
Q:Can I upload an Exif (location information in an image) image and have it automatically set to map?
A:Yes. When you register an image with Exif to a spot in the map editor, the latitude and longitude are automatically retrieved and installed.
Q:Can I export data?
A:This is not supported in the current release. However, it will be supported in future updates.
Q:I want to share this with only a few people.
A:The articles you create can be published or shared with only a few people using a URL. However, there is a limit of 10 articles.

Let's share your recommendations and itineraries with Route Share.

As a social networking site, it can also be used as a private itinerary management tool.

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You can also import routes from your activities immediately after registration by linking Strava.